File Prep


The creation of a high quality fine art print requires the acquisition of a high-quality digital image from an original painting or artwork.

There are 3 methods of acquiring a digital file for print purposes. 

1. Photography

2. Scanning

3. Digital Artwork created & supplied by the artist

PHOTOGRAPHY -We professional photograph your original paintings and art in the photo studio. Prices are approximate due to a number of variables, such as the size of the originals, reflection issues, textures, mixed media, variations in finish, unusual pigments, quantity, etc.


      Price range: $250-$500

GALLERY QUALITY: Best & Professional Quality. Includes Studio Photography, Color Correction and Matching. Image Testing and a Hard-Copy Proof


     Price Range: $125 - $250  - Includes Color Correction & Adjustment, Hard Copy Proof is additional. When printing, there are limitations to color matching the original.

   C. DO-IT-YOURSELF & supply a decent digital file.

If you have a decent camera or a know someone that does, Do a web search for “Photographing Artwork”. When printing, there are limitations to color matching the original.

Please call with any questions.

SCANNING  — Price Range: $60-$225.

Includes Color Adjustment, Limited Color Matching and a sometimes Hard Copy Proof depending upon client requirements.

We accept client provided digital files. Please call with questions.

We provide a resized file for posting to your web site at NO CHARGE.

File size is usually determined by the dimensions of the original. 

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